Specialty Items Foyer Furniture

Mission Shelf with Storage & Mission Bench with Baskets
Traditional Bench with Baskets
Traditional Shelf with Storage
Basket Towers with Bench & Shelf
Mission Slat Bench
Mission Slat Bench with Baskets & Drawers
Traditional Bench with Drawers
Shoe Bench with Baskets & Drawers
LaCroix 48 Inch Arm Bench
76 Mission 48 Inch Arm Bench
La Croix Arm Bench
76 Mission Arm Bench
Mission Hall Table with Mirror
Mission Hat Rack
Mission Hat Rack
Mission Hat Rack
Mission Hall Tree
Mission Deacon’s Storage Bench
Mission Deacon’s Bench
Mission Large Storage Bench
Mission Storage Bench
OW Shaker Bent Paddle 36 Inch Bench
OW Shaker 36 Inch Bench
Empire 36 Inch Bench
Traditional Hall Seat with Baskets
Mission 3 Drawer Hall Seat
Hall Seat
Dorset Bench
Callista Bench
Charmer Bench
Shaker Bench
Chesapeake Bench
Chesapeake Bench
Bunn Foot Hall Seat
Hall Seat
Mission 2 Drawer Hall Seat
Bunker Hill Hall Seat
Mission Hall Seat
Hall Seat
Arlington Storage Bench
Leslin Hall Seat
48 Inch Split Log Coat Hanger
36 Inch Split Log Coat Hanger
24 Inch Split Log Coat Hanger
Mirrored Hall Bench
48 Inch Bench with two Baskets and Fabric Seat
Hoosier Storage Bench
3 Basket Mission Bench or Coffee Table
6 Basket Hall Seat
3 Basket Bench
Entry Mirror with Octagon Top 2
Entry Mirror with Octagon Top
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